SP LED traffic lights

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The traffic signal Heads based on the light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) provide, compared to the traditional signal heads based on the incandescent lamp, the following advantages:They considerably reduce the managing costs in consideration of: • Lower power absorption (the installed power is reduced of the 80%); • A considerably longer average life (10 years); • A complete absence of maintenance during life time (it is eliminated the problem of replacing preventive lamps and of corrective interventions for burnt lamps); • They exclude occasional false signalling caused by the sun beams (phantom effect); • They contribute to the reliability and availability of the traffic signal plant, ensuring higher safety of people in the road traffic.

  • Doors quick release and lock spring manual
  • Visors posed by rapid insertion with rotation to avoid accidental falls
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Fixing the column through its own system for screws or arms
  • IP65 monobloc optical projector comprising LED´S colourful, transformer, baffe-ray bright and colourful polycarbonate lens