The creation of conditions for sustainable mobility for people and goods, ensuring environmental conservation is one of the biggest challenges of today. The need for change of paradigms in the mobility space opens opportunity for new models and associated solutions that are sustainable not only from the standpoint of environmental or energy, but also economically viable.

The SOLTRÁFEGO through its Department of Research and Development streamlines internal innovation and collaboration setting, parallel partnerships with market players and universities.



The pioneering introduction of traffic lights in polycarbonate, LED technology and microwave in the domestic market are a good example of the success of this strategy.

Indeed, the application of the LED technology, by installing new traffic lights or adaptation of existing, has many economical and environmental benefits as a reduction of more than 80% of electric energy consumption. Centralized traffic signal allows the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and optimization of urban traffic flows. The adoption of microwave technology for the control of vehicles speeding on solutions allows non-intrusive, cost-effective installation and maintenance.