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14 Dec

Soltrafego wins public tender for the installation of nine Car Parks in Lisbon launched by EMEL- Public Enterprise Municipal Parking Lisbon

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The Soltrafego won the International Public Tender for the supply, installation and maintenance management system and access control of nine parks in Lisbon, launched this year by EMEL- Parking Town of Lisbon. The innovative capacity and technological demonstrated by Soltrafego, coupled with the market positioning of Technology Parking, were decisive for the choice of Soltrafego for this reference project, which also includes integration with the transport system in Lisbon ( Calypso technology). Of the nine awards parks, the parks have been opened “Loureiro Floor!, “Parque Mayer”, “Casal Vistoso” and “University City”. The Soltrafego thus consolidates its position in a demanding and competitive market, and recognized their innovative capacity, experience, level of technology, reliability and design solutions, with around 400 installations around the country.