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14 Apr

Energy- Energy Efficiency in Public Lighting

soltrafego, carlos oliveira, transito, parques estacionamento, mobiliario urbano

These objectives are in the rational use of energy and energy efficiency, environmental street lighting systems and improvement of existing facilities semaforicas energy efficiency, with consequent reduction of CO2 emissions. In this framework, and under the “NSRF- Competitiveness, Innovation and Knowledge, Energy- Energy Efficiency in Public Lighting”, new incentives are available to finance the replacement of light sources in the control systems for pedestrian traffic and LED technology.

The Soltrafego provides the high-end LED lights, high performance and functionality, which promote the improvement of toad safety, and allow the reduction of energy consumption by over 80%, compatible with all kinds of lights in the domestic market: polycarbonate or aluminium. Our proposed action is based on collaboration and provision of specialized diagnostic, design and installation of traffic lights in LED technology.